Imperx welcomes two new staff members

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Imperx, a designer and manufacturer of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, has appointed Keith Wetzel as director of new product development and Hans Moller as a senior hardware engineer.

Wetzel joins Imperx from Truesense Imaging, formerly Eastman Kodak Company Image Sensor Solutions group, where he held various product and sales management roles during his 19-year tenure within the image sensor business and 28 year employment at Eastman Kodak Company. In his most recent assignment, he held the position of business development within the Americas region.

‘Keith brings over 28 years of results-oriented expertise in image sensor technology from Truesense Imaging/Eastman Kodak Company,’ said Petko Dinev, president and CEO of Imperx. ‘He will be a great addition to our senior management team and tremendous asset to our company's growth plan.’

Moller has been a design engineer and system architect in South Florida for the last 25 years. He began working with Motorola Microprocessor based systems at Casi-Rusco and continued his career at General Electric (GE) where the design for regulatory compliance was integral. At this point, he became interested and started working more with FPGAs, both Xilinx and Altera's Cyclone FPGAs. He contributed to the switching power supply design and other low noise design practices. These were perfected while working on Fish-finders for Raymarine. He also designed highly sensitive radiation sensing equipment at Innovative American Technology (IAT).

‘With Mr Moller's extensive background and FPGA development skills, he is quickly becoming a valuable asset to our team,’ said Petko Dinev, CEO of Imperx. ‘He is an accomplished design engineer who will bring new ideas and enhancements to our rapidly growing family of cameras and frame grabbers.’

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