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Imaging tech on show at CES

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is currently underway in Las Vegas, displaying the latest weird and wonderful in high-tech gadgetry.

One of the more talked about releases is a Lenovo and Google collaboration, equipping a Lenovo smartphone with Google’s Project Tango depth imaging technology. Project Tango is a software development kit designed to bring spatial awareness to mobile devices. The Lenovo smartphone’s camera has three vertically stacked lenses to give depth information, which the Project Tango software converts into 3D data. The technology provides near real-time mapping of the user’s environment, with centimetre resolution.

Other computer vision technology on display at the show includes innovations from ModiFace, a company founded on face analysis algorithms developed at Stanford University and the University of Toronto. ModiFace offers a ‘mirror’ that gives the user an augmented reality makeover, showing what various makeups would look like on the person's face.

Flir Systems launched two compact thermal cameras, the Scout TK thermal vision monocular and the TG130 spot thermal camera. Both products are based on Flir’s low-cost Lepton micro-camera core, which was released two years ago at CES.

The Scout TK monocular is developed specifically for use outdoors. The camera is pocket-sized and allows consumers to see in total darkness. The TG130 is an entry-level camera for a broad spectrum of home and small business applications.

Shapify is showcasing its 3D printing capabilities with a photo booth that scans a person and prints them a 3D model of themselves. The booth contains four Artec 3D scanners, taking 12 seconds to scan a person and 15 minutes to generate the 3D model.

Kodak and 360Fly, a company originating from the robotics lab of Carnegie Mellon University, released 360 degree cameras at the event. Kodak is showing its Pixpro action camera, while the 360Fly camera captures footage through a single lens without needing to stitch images together. Both cameras offer 4K video.

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