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Imaging improves policing of bus lanes

Police authorities in Germany have installed imaging equipment to monitor a bus and taxi lane on the Willy-Brandt-Allee road in Wiesbaden, Germany. The system, based on the PoliScan Speed system from Vitronic, was used to detect private vehicles using the road section illegally and, in the first week alone, detected almost 1,000 infringements.

The system is designed to detect and capture images of all vehicles entering the restricted area. The images are then transferred to the back office where they are filtered and, if necessary, penalties issued. The system utilises the same laser-based technology (lidar) as PoliScan Speed. Vitronic's 'special lane' enforcement system doesn't use in-road equipment, such as loops or sensors, and by removing physical obstructions, such as bollards and barriers, traffic flow is improved and public safety increased. The system can be installed in sensitive areas, such as school zones and airports or even on multilane roads.


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