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Image processing ensures precision welding

A fuel tank welding system from BF-Maschinen is meeting the requirements of the automotive industry, thanks to an optical stereo image processing system from Framos. The image processing system ensures optimum positioning of the elements to be connected during the welding process.

With production quality demands of the automotive industry becoming more stringent, resource efficiency and error reduction rates are key. As a result, opportunities are increasing for new quality assurance systems with a high degree of reliability, such as those developed by Framos Imaging Solutions.

A recently created application using a combination of digital cameras and laser technology is now being used in the production of fuel tank systems for passenger cars: the latest generation of tank welding systems from BF-Maschinen (located in the Bavarian town of Geretsried) is now being equipped with a system from Framos that provides maximum precision in the fabrication of the tank to the filling pipe.

BF-Maschinen has delivered special machines to industrial enterprises around the world since 1994 and is represented on board the International Space Station (ISS). The company says it has the latest techniques for the welding of co-extruded blow-moulded parts – with the corresponding sophisticated tasks on the production line.

'The challenge posed by this tank welding procedure results primarily from the use of multi-layer plastics,' said Dr Simon Che’Rose, head of engineering at Framos. 'Specific layers (ECOH layer/separating layer) must not be damaged when melting both elements during the welding process.'


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