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Flir releases consumer thermal imaging devices at CES

Thermal imaging company, Flir Systems, has launched three new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: the second generation of its One thermal imaging attachment for Android and iOS mobile phones; the C2 compact professional thermal camera, and new additions to the Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder product line.

The One thermal camera is equipped with Flir’s Lepton thermal camera core and displays live infrared imagery on the user’s mobile phone. The company launched the first version of the One at last year’s CES show. The technology has been credited with bringing thermal imaging capabilities – traditionally expensive equipment – to the mass market.

‘We are proud to be launching the next generation of Flir products that translates our heritage of innovating the world's most advanced imaging and sensing technology into easy-to-use consumer products,’ said Andy Teich, CEO and president of Flir.

Flir’s other offerings at CES include the C2 thermal camera, a fully-integrated pocket-sized thermal camera designed for surveying buildings for energy efficiency. The C2 finds hidden heat patterns that signal energy waste or structural defects in buildings.

Thermal imaging is now often used to check homes for energy waste - MIT spinout Essess provides thermal imaging cars that capture a heat map of homes as they drive by.

Both the C2 and the One device are powered by Lepton and include Flir’s MSX real-time image enhancement software.

Finally, Flir released the Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV and 5 Pro Fishfinder systems, which provide sonar imaging technology to fishermen.

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