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EMVA to aim for greater cooperation between vision associations

Jochem Herrmann, the newly appointed president of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), has set objectives for greater cooperation between machine vision associations during his three-year tenure.

Writing in the August/September issue of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, Herrmann said that he wants the EMVA to improve its profile as an interface between academia and industry. He also noted the association plans to introduce new services for EMVA members later this year, including cooperation with national associations to form regional groups and network clusters.

Herrmann was appointed president during the EMVA business conference in Athens in June. He takes over the presidency from Toni Ventura-Traveset, CEO of Datapixel, who remains on the board of directors.

Herrmann commented that embedded systems will play a more important role in future machine vision systems. He said: ‘There are already a lot of people working on embedded vision solutions which are not as yet connected at all to machine vision applications. So, what we might see in the future are new players in our industry with a completely different, non-industrial background.’

Dr Vassilis Tsagaris, CEO of Greek firm Irida Labs, spoke at the EMVA conference in Athens on embedded vision. Embedded devices will find their way into the factories of the future to a much higher degree that standalone PC-based systems, Herrmann also noted.

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