Deep neural networks enhance smart camera performance

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Embedded vision company, Movidius, and Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) firm, Hikvision, have partnered to develop a line of smart cameras that use deep neural networks to perform higher accuracy video analytics.

The smart cameras will feature Movidius’ Myriad 2 Vision processing Unit (VPU) technology, which will enable deep neural network algorithms to run within the camera due to its ultra-low power – as opposed to needing to send large amounts of data to the cloud for processing, as is the case with most earlier deep neural networks. 

‘There are huge amounts of gains to be made when it comes to neural networks and intelligent camera systems,’ said Hu Yangzhong, CEO of Hikvision. ‘With the Myriad 2 VPU we’re able to make our analytics offerings much more accurate, flagging more events that require a response, while reducing false alarms.’

Deep neural networks enable computers to learn through processing large quantities of observational data. Through their use, Hikvision has been able to achieve up to 99 per cent accuracy in its advanced visual analytics applications. The integration of deep neural networks into the smart cameras will allow them to be used for security applications such as the automatic detection of suspicious packages, drivers distracted by mobile devices, and intruders trying to access secure locations. ‘Embedded, native intelligence is a major step towards smart, safe and efficiently run cities,’ affirmed Yangzhong. ‘We will build a long-term partnership with Movidius and its VPU roadmap.’

‘Advances in artificial intelligence are revolutionising the way we think about personal and public security,’ said Movidius CEO, Remi El-Ouazzane. ‘The ability to automatically process video in real-time to detect anomalies will have a large impact on the way cities infrastructure are being used. We’re delighted to partner with Hikvision to deploy smarter camera networks and contribute to creating safer communities, better transit hubs and more efficient business operations.’

The first products to use Myriad 2 were shown at the 13th China International Exhibit for Public Safety, which took place on 25-28 October.

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