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Chinese steel manufacturers on the right tracks

The latest production line of one of China's largest steel manufacturers is equipped with an optical flatness measurement system developed by Nextsense. The order, which is now confirmed, comprises a method for checking high-speed train rails originating from the company’s Surfiles product range.

The steel manufacturer has ordered a stationary system for measuring the flatness of high-speed train rails. This order follows just a few months after a major Turkish steel producer ordered a system for surface inspection from the same product range. This means that Nextsense can continue to reinforce its position in the rapidly growing Chinese market.

The Chinese market is already one of the company's two biggest areas for sales – and the company predict that the market is set to soar. Christoph Böhm, marketing manager of Nextsense, stated: ‘China is the world's largest steel manufacturer and automaker and the regional high-speed railway network is also expanding rapidly.’

Böhm said: ‘Our stationary flatness measurement system offered a persuasive choice thanks to its innovative measurement and calibration method. Cutting-edge light section technology and sophisticated algorithms enable measurements even right up to the ends of the object being measured. A separate system for analysis of the ends can thus be dispensed with.’


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