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Boulder Imaging cashes in

Boulder Imaging (BI) has completed a machine vision inspection system for Crane Currency, one of the world’s largest banknote paper manufacturers. The in-line inspection system detects surface defects, non-uniformities, and characteristics in the printed product with multiple, micron-accurate inspections at a single point in the production process. This means the system provides Crane Currency – which produces the paper on which the United States government prints its currency, passports, and other government documents – with the ability to identify and correct problems in real time.

‘As a producer of the most popular printed item in the world – currency – Crane Currency’s print quality standards must be strictly maintained and monitored to assure consistency, accuracy and uniformity,’ said Carlos Jorquera, BI CEO. ‘There is a myriad of technology embedded in currency. BI’s inspection system addresses the complexities and allows Crane to identify defects in real time to make necessary adjustments.’

The Crane Currency inspection system uses BI’s SPX Series. SPX series systems are ‘in-line’ high performance machine vision systems that detect defects or non-uniformities in printed web materials. The SPX system is available ‘out-of-the-box’ or as a custom configurable system designed to address 100 per cent of inspection needs.


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