Pleora Technologies

Sensing solutions for soldiers

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest sensing technology employed onboard military vehicles and the challenges faced by soldiers in making sense of vast amounts of imaging data

iPort CL-U3

Pleora Technologies, a supplier of high-performance video interfaces, has launched the iPort CL-U3 external frame grabber which transforms Camera Link cameras into USB3 Vision cameras

iPort SB-Gig and SB-U3

Pleora Technologies has introduced the iPort SB-Gig and SB-U3 external frame grabbers that help imaging system manufacturers and integrators convert Sony block cameras into GigE Vision 2.0 or USB3 Vision cameras

Guiding sight

Bin-picking remains a challenge for industrial robots, not least because of the difficulties in locating the object with vision technology, as Jessica Rowbury discovers

iPort NTx-GigE embedded video interface

Pleora Technologies has introduced the iPort NTx-GigE embedded video interface, for integrating GigE Vision 2.0-compliant video connectivity into cameras, x-ray detector panels, and imaging systems

Eagle series RS-170

Pleora Technologies and Moog Protokraft have developed a technology that facilitates high-performance video capture, streaming and control in harsh environment applications

iPort CL-Ten Dual Medium IP engine

Pleora Technologies has launched a high-performance video transmitter. The product streams video at more than 8Gb/s over standard 10 GigE networks in real time with low, consistent latency

Medical marvels

Warren Clark looks at applications of vision technology in medical diagnosis and treatment


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