JAI will display its three-CMOS industrial camera


JAI (1F50) will demonstrate its prism-based RGB colour line scan camera, the Sweep+ SW-4000T-10GE, based on a backwards compatible 10GBase-T GigE Vision interface delivering 10Gb/s output. The camera is backwards compatible to NBase-T (5Gb/s and 2.5Gb/s) and 1,000Base-T (1Gb/s). With a resolution of 4,096 pixels per channel and a maximum speed more than 100kHz, the camera is designed to cover a wide range of industrial line scan imaging applications.


The new SW-4000TL-PMCL features a custom CMOS trilinear imager with 4K (4,096 pixels) resolution and a maximum full line rate of 66 kHz for 24-bit non-interpolated RGB output.

Apex AP-3200T-USB

The Apex AP-3200T-USB is a 3-CMOS prism-based industrial R-G-B area scan camera providing better colour fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer colour cameras


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