Flir Systems

X8000sc / X6000sc

The Flir X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series contains a four-slot, motorised filter wheel with automatic filter recognition and measurement parameter adjustment

A65 thermal vision system

Flir has launched its A65 thermal vision system, claiming it is the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a discrete, high resolution vision system at an affordable price

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging

Flir Systems has introduced Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, a patent pending technology for the company's T450SC and 650SC series infrared cameras to aid identification of thermal breakdown problems

Metal heads

Vision systems are used throughout various metal processing tasks, from pressing aluminium parts to automotive welding all the way to shredding scrap metal, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Flir GF304

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) has released the Flir GF304, an IR gas imaging camera capable of detecting refrigerant gas leaks without needing to shut down the refrigeration system


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