AMRC's Integrated Manufacturing Group's work spans robotics and automation, integrated large volume metrology, digital assisted assembly and manufacturing informatics

The sky’s the limit

Greg Blackman visits the University of Sheffield’s Factory 2050 where Rolls-Royce, McLaren and Siemens, among others, are investing in research on digital manufacturing

Is flexibility the key to a smart future?

The challenges of either building a full system or integrating machine vision on the factory floor are numerous. How is it best to work around legacy systems, in constrained spaces, and feed accurate information back to computers to guide automated robots? Rob Ashwell investigates

Intelligent Sensor MWIR camera

The Boeing Company has introduced its Intelligent Sensor, a camera system that provides defence and security customers with fully integrated video-processing capability

3D camera

The Boeing Company has introduced a compact, energy-efficient camera that provides 3D images for military and commercial applications

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