BitFlow, which has been manufacturing frame grabbers for 26 years, will display its CXP12 Claxon frame grabber at the show in Munich

Camera Link frame grabbers

BitFlow offers frame grabber models that its customers can use to control up to four CL Base or two CL 80-bit cameras from one PCIe slot on the motherboard


BitFlow (1A06) will be highlighting its CoaXPress expertise with multiple demos. The company’s Cyton-CXP4 and Aon-CXP frame grabbers will be showcased, as well as a newly developed CXP12 product.


At booth 5714 BitFlow will be exhibiting some of its latest frame grabbers, including the Cyton-CXP4 with four single link CoaXPress cameras, and the Aon-CXP, a low cost single link CoaXPress frame grabber

BitFlow BitBox

BitFlow announced it is shipping a new I/O device for machine vision which provides 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted form factor supporting TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signaling

Aon-CXP CoaXPress

BitFlow recently introduced its Aon-CXP CoaXPress single-link frame grabber that is fast gaining supporters among former USB 3.1 users


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