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Teledyne Flir's MWIR imager advances detection of harmful gas emissions

Oil refinery shutterstock

Teledyne Flir has released the Neutrino LC OGI optical gas imaging camera module, a made-in-the-USA, ITAR-free, mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imager for products designed to detect, measure, and visualise harmful gas emissions.

The Neutrino LC OGI provides high performance within a small, lightweight, and low-power module for integration into unmanned aerial vehicles, small gimbals, handheld devices, and fixed-mounted gas leak detection systems.

The MWIR spectral band is used to accurately detect the greenhouse gas methane and other hydrocarbons, such as volatile organic compounds. The Neutrino LC OGI offers multiple modes: a 640x512 VGA resolution mode with up to eight times digital zoom to maximise scene awareness; or it can operate in bin mode, which can improve sensitivity to <20 millikelvins (mK) to create a crisper, higher-contrast image for pinpointing leaks.

The new module features Teledyne Flir’s high operating temperature (HOT) FPA technology and a quiet, low-vibration, and long-life linear micro cooler. Reliability and a two-year warranty enables rapid leak detection and more operational uptime within processing facilities, refineries, pipelines, tank farms, and well pads for the oil and gas industry.

Integrators also gain access to the Teledyne Flir professional technical support team, a full suite of hardware accessories, and a software development kit (SDK) to simplify and reduce the cost of development.

Credit for main image: watt indeed/Shutterstock


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