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SWIR firm launches 3D multispectral lidar at CES


At CES 2024, Iridesense unveiled a 3D multispectral lidar sensor capable of analysing plant health and soil humidity levels remotely in real time. 

This application aims to improve crop yields and resource management by optimising irrigation, water and pesticides consumption. Other  applications, such as industrial quality control and forest management shall also be showcased. 

Iridesense’s multispectral lidar device can enable remote measurement, allowing outdoor usage in all types of  weather or lighting conditions. Its 3D imagery also makes it possible to monitor plant  growth. 

In collaboration with GeoCue, a US-based actor in 3D lidar mapping, Iridesense  will soon deploy this technology in Brazil, where Iridesense sensors will be used to monitor  the health of plantations. The device will identify dead or weak plants, enabling farmers to replace  them as quickly as possible.


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