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SVS-Vistek launches SWIR cameras for inspection and quality control


SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras detect moisture in food, sort recyclables, inspect silicon, find impurities in pharmaceuticals, measure liquid levels, and pinpoint leaks. (Image: SVS-Vistek)

SVS-Vistek has introduced a line of Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras incorporating the Sony SenSWIR global shutter sensor with 400 - 1700nm spectral sensitivity and high quantum efficiency.

SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras are suitable for detecting moisture within food, differentiating plastics for sorting recyclables, quality inspection of silicon in solar panels and other electronics, determining impurities in pharmaceuticals, measuring liquid levels within non-transparent containers, and pinpointing leakage. 

Available in four models, the new cameras leverage the proven SVS-Vistek EXO and FXO platforms and offer either USB, CoaXPress-12, or 10GigE interfaces. Depending on application requirements, the cameras can be specified in 640 x 512 or 1280 x 1024 pixel resolutions with frame rates of up to 260 frames per second.

SVS-Vistek says the camera has good image quality because of its efficient thermal management, which keeps it cool in a small and sturdy metal housing. The firm adds that the camera can handle different lighting situations, thanks to a built-in 4-channel strobe controller, and correct minor changes in the detector to keep the image consistent when the scene or environment changes.

Other features include LUT, Binning, ROI, Burst Mode, I/O interface with 2xIN, 4 x OUT, Opto and RS232 programmable timer, logic functions, and sequencer.


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