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STMicroelectronics' industrial microprocessors to power next-gen tech systems


STMicroelectronics has released new devices from the second generation of its industrial microprocessors (MPUs). 

The new STM32MP2 series will power the next generations of technology equipment, the company says such as industrial controllers and machine-vision systems, scanners, medical wearables, data aggregators, network gateways, smart appliances, and industrial and domestic robots.

The MPUs are built to withstand up to 10 years of continuous operation and are ST’s first MPUs to contain a 64-bit central processing unit (CPU), the Arm Cortex-A35, which runs up to 1.5GHz to raise the main processing capability compared to the first-generation STM32MP1 devices.

The security of the new STM32MP2 devices leverages ST’s secure hardware, anti-tamper controls, protected firmware, and secure provisioning, working with Arm’s TrustZone architecture, to keep sensitive data and keys secret.

Certified to SESIP Level 3, the security test methodology for IoT devices and compliance, STM32MP2 MPUs can satisfy forthcoming tougher cyber-protection requirements in key territories worldwide. These include the US CyberTrust mark and stipulations in the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive that are due to become mandatory in 2025.

The first STM32MP2 MPUs are scheduled to enter volume production in June 2024. 


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