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KPM Analytics unveils P-Series vision system for meat processing

Workers on meat packing conveyor belt

The technology's design allows it to fit into production lines and provide quality analysis (Image: AEB group)

Analytical instrumentation company KPM Analytics has launched the P-Series in-line vision system, specifically designed for the meat processing sector, offering a comprehensive approach to product quality assessment and foreign object detection.

The P-Series system, developed for the sanitary environment of meat processing, utilises a product measurement library developed through extensive collaboration with industry experts, harnessing vision inspection technology to enhance quality assurance and streamline processes.

Hamburgers in a meat plant

KPM Analytics' new software helps to detect common quality issues during meat processing (Image: Intralox)

Employing artificial intelligence for statistical analysis and deep learning, the P-Series system addresses common quality issues, such as bruises, blood spots, incomplete breeding, and excess fat. Jon Gilchrist, Product Manager for KPM Analytics, said: “No other system provides as complete a solution in the meat industry.”

KPM Analytics says that the systems’ advanced foreign material detection capabilities, including infrared imaging for non-visible spectrum materials and high-resolution calibrated cameras for visible spectrum materials, ensure it stands out in the market. Its modular design allows plant managers to tailor the system to their needs, minimising costs while fitting seamlessly into production lines.
The developers also state that the P-Series system goes beyond traditional vision systems by combining visual images with geometric data, enabling more accurate and deeper analysis. Such an approach ensures that the system reduces waste by providing a complete picture of product quality, allowing data-driven decisions and continuous quality monitoring.

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