Shortlist announced for Vision Award 2009

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Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is proud to once again be sponsoring the 2009 Vision Award, presented each year at the Vision Show, the international trade fair for machine vision, held from 3-5 November in Stuttgart. The competition, now in its 17th year, recognises the best innovation in machine vision, and hence serves to promote and enhance the development of the machine vision industry and wider acceptance of the technology.

All companies and institutes that produce machine vision components and systems, irrespective of whether or not they exhibit at Vision 2009, are invited to enter, with the winning organisation receiving the award, worth 5,000 Euro. The prize-giving ceremony takes place on 3 November, and the winner will present their development in a separate talk during the Industrial Vision Days, which are held during the Vision Show.

This year's shortlist is as follows:

  • 2D/3D Hex Sight smart sensor for part inspection and robot guidance, Susan Hancock, LMI Technologies 
  • 3D Sensor, Mathias Reiter, SmartRay
  • A quantum leap in optoelectronics: sensing in 3D, Mike Gonschior, ifm electronic
  • Automated material handling - 3D position recognition using a laser scanner, Frank Grunewald, VMT Vision Machine Technic
  • CVB GigE Vision-Server - and the PC turns into a camera!, Peter Keppler, Stemmer Imaging
  • Easy and inexpensive method for accurate in-machine 3D calibration, Sick IVP
  • Electronic module for image capture at rotationally symmetric work pieces, Peter Bonk, BAP Image Systems
  • Faster, better and more cost-efficient MV installations with the help of autoVimation's universal mounting system 'Mechanical Machine Vision Interface' or MMVI, Peter Neuhaus, autoVimation
  • Finally... go beyond Camera link with CoaXpress!, Machiel Raaijmakers, Adimec Advanced Image Systems
  • Gidel announces new camera simulator to speed up development and reduce development time for vision and imaging systems, Hai Migdal, Gidel
  • High speed camera 'Cyclocam', Luc Van Quickelberge, Tesin
  • High speed inspection made easy (Sort4all), Holger Kattentidt, Ipasort
  • High-performance uncooled amorphous silicon TEC less XGA IRFPA with 17um pixel-pitch, J L Tissot, Ulis
  • High-precision optical measurement for large components, Helge Moritz, EHR Ingenieurgesellschaft fur Informationsssyteme
  • Icycam - a high dynamic range system-on-chip for vision systems combining a 132dB QVGA pixel array and a 32-bit DSP/MCU processor, Pierre-Francois Ruedi/Simon Gray, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM)
  • Interactive Communication Unit, Arnaud Destruels/Gaetan Marti, Sony ISS/Atracsys
  • ITAVA hardware-based intelligent camera, Michael Metzner, Itava Systems
  • JAI 2-imager, prism-based technology as reflected in the AD-080 multi-spectral and AD-081 high-dynamic cameras, Tue Moerck, JAI
  • Machine vision with DSP-based USB cameras, Ofer Leizerovich, ID - Imaging Diagnostics
  • Miniaturised high-end optical 3D sensors, G Frankowski/R Hainich, GF Messtechnik
  • New 50 Megapixel camera to revolutionise the machine vision industry, Erik Vermeulen, Illunis
  • New CMOS image sensor with exceptional near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity, Ricardo Rodrigo, Photonfocus
  • Optical filter kit colours machine vision, Jason Dougherty, Midwest Optical Systems
  • Pixel-parallel image processing for closed-loop control of laser welding processes, Andreas Blug/Daniel Carl, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Physikalische Messtechnik
  • SAL3D 9.3: The first point cloud processing library for machine vision applications, Josep Forest, Aqsense
  • Total view camera for quality assurance in industrial inspection, Christian Perwass/Lennart Wietzke, Raytrix
  • vDisplay - the next innovation for machine vision, Robert Lee, Pleora Technologies
  • Vision system CAD software, Matthias Voigt, SensorDesk