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One of SweGreen's eight vertical farm units that it operates across Sweden. Credit: SweGreen

Automation, lighting regimes, and hyperspectral imaging are unlocking vertical farming’s full potential, finds Benjamin Skuse

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There’s a renaissance underway in shortwave infrared imaging as thin-film photodetectors come online. Tim Hayes reports

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In this webinar, we will hear about the latest high-speed GigE products - moving to 25GigE and beyond - and how the user can best take advantage of this technology


The system assesses the radioactivity and physical characteristics of nuclear waste, and then sorts and segregates it into appropriate containers (Image: Cyan Tec)

30 November 2022

The advanced solution will help increase recycling rates and reduce the number of waste containers sent for disposal

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22 November 2022

The investment from National Grid Partners enables the Israeli start-up to accelerate the adoption of its AI-based vision enhancement solution

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09 November 2022

Ametek, a manufacturer of electronic instruments, purchased Navitar and RTDS for $430 million

Illustration showing terahertz illumination stimulating quantum dots inside nanoscale holes (shown as illuminated rings). The light is detected by a CMOS sensor. Courtesy of the researchers and MIT

08 November 2022

In addition to being sensitive to terahertz radiation, the imager can capture information about the polarisation of terahertz waves

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07 November 2022

Cognex's Q3 revenue was down 26% on last year, while Basler's nine-month sales have increased by 25%

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07 November 2022

EInfochips, an Arrow Electronics company, will provide design resources for Ambarella’s CVflow edge AI system-on-chip platform

Numurus’ CEO, Jason Seawall

25 October 2022

Numurus' open source software suite focuses on edge artificial intelligence, sensor and data abstraction, and system interfacing to reduce development time

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

Credit: gualtiero boffi/shutterstock.com

31 August 2022

Warehouses operate on dollars per square foot, with very different drivers for vision tech than a factory, writes Tom Brennan, president of Artemis Vision

Credit: Sergey Nivens/shutterstock.com

15 August 2022

The vision sector is changing rapidly, so how can firms thrive? Holly Cave speaks to some key vision suppliers

Credit: Covision Lab

05 July 2022

Covision Lab has ambitions to be the leading computer vision machine learning hub in Europe for industry. Greg Blackman spoke to its CEO, Franz Tschimben



Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

14 November 2022

There’s a renaissance underway in shortwave infrared imaging as thin-film photodetectors come online. Tim Hayes reports

Setup of combined hyperspectral and fundus camera at Peter Stalmans’ lab at KU Leuven. Credit: Imec/KU Leuven

01 November 2022

Investigations are underway into using hyperspectral imaging to screen for a host of medical conditions, as Abigail Williams finds out

Nerian Vision’s stereo vision cameras incorporate an FPGA for real-time 3D imaging. Credit: Nerian Vision

31 October 2022

High-speed 3D cameras were in full force at Vision Stuttgart. Alice Rolandini Jensen explores the technology

White papers

Liquid lenses are arguably among the most interesting technological innovations in the field of optics and have also attracted a lot of attention in machine vision. In this white paper, we will discuss how Opto Engineering integrates liquid lenses into different types of optics to give them particular characteristics.

In this new whitepaper, Optimizing Machine Vision Lighting for your Application, ProPhotonix's experts discuss optics, mechanics, electronics, firmware, and GUI options in detail providing application examples throughout.

This white paper details how advances in camera and filter technology from Unispectral have opened up more applications in hyperspectral imaging across industrial and agricultural use cases


Image: asharkyu/shutterstock.com

In this webinar, we will hear about the latest high-speed GigE products - moving to 25GigE and beyond - and how the user can best take advantage of this technology

Join us for this in-depth webcast, with Automation Technology that explores the next generation of 3D laser triangulation sensors.

An exclusive preview of the five shortlisted entrants for this year’s coveted Vision Award

Press releases

23 November 2022

Wildcat+ 640 has been announced as the new shortwave infrared camera from Xenics

22 November 2022

The extended range of TicoXS solutions can be used in high-speed camera systems for slow motion broadcast and industrial applications

16 November 2022

AutoVimation introduces the Dragon High Power fan nozzle for its Salamander, Gecko and Orca protective enclosures

16 November 2022

E-con Systems has launched NeduCam25, a full-HD global shutter FPD-LINK III camera module

16 November 2022

The sensor achieves a 3D profile pixel rate of, for example, 128 megapixels at an ROI of 200 lines with a profile speed of 42 kHz

16 November 2022

The awards are given in recognition of outstanding undergraduate and graduate optics research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programmes at non-profit colleges and universities

14 November 2022

The agreement means algorithms from MVTec Halcon will also be available on both embedded and PC-based systems in Sick's automation solutions

Tech Focus

Image: A. Solano/shutterstock.com

A GigE Vision round-up with a look at some of the latest technology

Image Credit: Zoomik/Shutterstock.com

Why preparation on lighting set-up will pay dividends when building a vision inspection system, including a roundup of the latest illumination products

Image credit: Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock.com

A look at colour imaging and some of the products available


Unispectral’s solutions allow for a smaller, lower-cost system that can be used in any application for which hyperspectral imaging is desired. Credit: Unispectral

Reducing the cost and size of hyperspectral cameras is opening up many more applications, as Keely Portway finds out

aku.automation used the C6 sensor to devise an application to reliably
check the coplanarity of connector pins in the automotive industry (credit: AT)

From cakes to cars, how the latest developments in 3D sensing are opening up a world of application possibilities where speed is of the essence

Image credit: asharkyu/Shutterstock.com

Integrators are faced with a fast-moving picture when it comes to choosing the correct interface for their vision system, finds Tim Gillett