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The vision sector is changing rapidly, so how can firms thrive? Holly Cave speaks to some key vision suppliers

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There were no injuries from the fire and no significant damage to the production floor and equipment, but a large portion of the company’s component inventory was destroyed

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Vision start-ups are proliferating, thanks to AI and embedded computing. But what makes young companies successful? Abigail Williams reports


Luca Verre (left) of Prophesee collecting last year's award from Martin Wäny. Credit: Messe Stuttgart

17 August 2022

Brighter AI, Edge Impulse, Kitov.ai, Saccade Vision and SWIR Vision Systems have been nominated, with the winner to be announced at Vision Stuttgart

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16 August 2022

Scientists have demonstrated what they believe is the first implementation of quantum computer vision for a quality inspection problem on a manufacturing production line

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15 August 2022

Eighteen young companies will be part of the Start-up World section at Vision, which will take place from 4 to 6 October

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09 August 2022

The hyperspectral payload will be built by Metaspectral and HySpeed, and will use data compression and machine learning to overcome bandwidth constraints

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04 August 2022

Saccade Vision and its partner Euclid Labs developed the 3D vision system to inspect metalwork after processing

Credit: Basler

04 August 2022

Basler’s sales have increased by 14 per cent year-on-year to €130.8 million in the first half of 2022

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03 August 2022

There were no injuries from the fire and no significant damage to the production floor and equipment, but a large portion of the company’s component inventory was destroyed

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

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29 June 2022

Fresh from Embedded World, we speak to Tim Vehling at Mythic on the benefits of AI accelerators for industrial vision

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28 June 2022

Mark Hebbel, head of consultancy at Chainstep, on the importance of cybersecurity in vision sensors now that factories are more connected

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16 May 2022

Scorpion Vision's Paul Wilson spoke at the UKIVA conference in April about how Raspberry Pi cameras are now more than just a device for hobbyists. Greg Blackman reports



Kowa’s compact lens series. Credit: Kowa

26 July 2022

What new technology can vision users and integrators expect over the coming year? We round up some of the highlights

Donato Montanari, Zebra Technologies’ vice president and general manager for machine vision

20 July 2022

Zebra Technologies has made sizable purchases in machine vision over the last year. Donato Montanari reveals why the firm places so much value on vision

Werner Feith, EMVA standards manager

20 July 2022

The EMVA has written a set of policies for machine vision standards, designed to protect IP among other aspects. Werner Feith, explains the changes

White papers

This white paper will discuss in detail how Lucid’s Triton Edge camera helps vision application designers reduce their time-to-market while integrating their own IP into a compact vision system

In its latest whitepaper, Teledyne Dalsa explains why data quality is a key consideration to deploy an accurate AI-based system

This white paper from Pleora Technologies discusses how AI can provide decision-support for visual and manual tasks throughout incoming, in-process, and outgoing (final) inspection steps of manufacturing.


Now available on-demand, hear from speakers representing the shortlisted companies from April's Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award.


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In this webcast we discussed how deep learning is best applied to industrial inspection

Sergey Nivens/shutterstock.com

In this webcast we investigated neuromorphic sensing, otherwise known as event-based imaging. Speakers are Prophesee's Luca Verre and Josh Gibson at Cambridge Consultants

Press releases

16 August 2022

Membership in Inception will enable Newsight - a developer of 3D machine vision sensors and spectral vision chips - to expand its approach to the automotive depth-vision ecosystem

16 August 2022

Fraunhofer IGCV has partnered with SGL Carbon and Chromasens to develop the next generation AirCarbon III for monitoring carbon fiber production

15 August 2022

LMI Technologies has released the Gocator 2600 series of 4K+ resolution smart 3D laser line profile sensors

15 August 2022

Advantech is upgrading a wide range of its platforms including industrial ATX motherboards, industrial ATX/MicroATX server boards, and PICMG 1.3 full-size single board computers, all with the latest processor and chipset specifications

15 August 2022

Laser Components has launched the Flexpoint radial laser module, designed to create 3D models of pipes

03 August 2022

Ams Osram has launched a 2.2 megapixel global shutter visible and NIR image sensor for 2D and 3D sensing in VR headsets drones, and other consumer and industrial applications

03 August 2022

Teledyne Flir has released the Neutrino LC CZ 15-300, the latest Neutrino IS series model of mid-wavelength infrared camera modules with continuous zoom lenses

Tech Focus

Image credit: Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock.com

A look at colour imaging and some of the products available

Image: Sergey Nivens/shutterstock.com

A roundup of some of the latest embedded vision technology

Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

A look at some of the latest image sensors for industrial vision


Keely Portway finds out how combining AI with visual inspection in manufacturing can help to reduce errors and increase efficiency

Image credit: TierneyMJ/Shutterstock.com

Keely Portway on how vision application designers can use embedded technology to reduce complexity and time-to-market

Different coloured licence plates

Gemma Church looks at how finding the right AI-assisted software can benefit specific vision tasks