Hyperspectral imaging: on-demand

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This webinar looked at new technology for hyperspectral or multispectral imaging, including lighting techniques for a cost-effective spectral vision solution, prism-based cameras, and how hyperspectral imaging equipment is being used in the food and waste recycling markets. Register to watch for free here.


Steve Kinney, director of engineering, Smart Vision Lights

Spectral illumination techniques make multi/hyperspectral inspection cost effective for machine vision

Paritosh Prayagi, director, product management, JAI

Customised multispectral cameras: making spectral imaging viable for mainstream machine vision

Barry McDonogh, general manager, HinaLea Imaging

Intelligent imaging solutions to transform food inspection

Eric Camirand, founder and CEO, Waste Robotics

Challenges of applying hyperspectral machine vision in the waste industry