Food glorious food

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This webcast covered three case studies of vision technology used in food production. These include two instances of hyperspectral inspection, one for determining the quality of fish as they pass down a conveyor fresh from the boat, while the other considers how hyperspectral imaging can be used to inspect strawberries for bruising. A third case study looks at a machine for removing apple cores using 3D vision to guide the knife.

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23 June 2021

This webinar looked at new spectral imaging technology, including lighting techniques, prism-based cameras, and how it's used in food and waste sorting

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Many machine vision applications such as OCR/barcode reading on bottles and containers, or defect detection inside threaded bores require inspecting features randomly located both on the part outer or inner sides, and on the top and bottom surfaces. This paper describes the advantages of using special optics designed for 360° inspection (either using a pericentric design or various lens/mirror combinations) versus multi-camera systems or line-scan imaging.

03 August 2020

Download this paper to learn more about multispectral imaging solutions in machine vision applications such as food sorting, agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical vision systems, as well as how various camera capabilities can be utilised to meet your multispectral imaging requirements.

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This white paper explores how machine vision automates and optimises processes in agriculture. From industrial-scale agricultural enterprises to small farms, everyone is relying more on digital technologies in line with smart farming.