On demand - High-speed vision

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Image: Khing Choy/shutterstock.com

Now available on demand, take a rapid tour through some of the fastest imaging equipment and technology out there, whether that's image sensors, cameras, or data transmission. Register to watch for free here.


Patrick Summ, managing director, Optronis

Advantages of CoaXPress for High-Speed Vision Applications

Marc Damaut, CEO of Euresys

CoaXPress-over-Fiber - a light yet significant extension of the existing CoaXPress specification to support transport over fibre optics

Jack Versey, sales applications engineer, Scorpion Vision

High Speed Imaging For Everyone

Win Wuyts, chief commercial officer, Gpixel

Latest developments in high-speed image sensors for industrial, scientific and professional use

The Austrian Institute of Technology's 3D surface scanner. Credit: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

06 September 2021