On demand - Event-based vision

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Sergey Nivens/shutterstock.com

Webcast date (GMT): 
Monday, 7 February 2022 - 3:00pm


In this webcast, we investigated neuromorphic sensing, otherwise known as event-based imaging. Event-based image sensors record changes in a scene – events – rather than capturing everything frame by frame.


Josh Gibson, senior physicist at Cambridge Consultants, presented a device the firm has developed that automates sterility testing of cell therapy treatment using Prophesee's event-based sensor. The PureSentry device is able to detect contamination in cell therapy batches in real time, compared to having to run a sterility test requiring a 7 to 14 day incubation period.

Luca Verre, CEO of Prophesee, gave an update on Prophesee's event-based sensors and where the technology is best used.