On-demand: 3D vision

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This webcast presented the capabilities of some of the latest 3D vision equipment, including two triangulation sensors, new software tools, and a talk about capturing 3D scenes in motion. Register for free here.


Mathieu Larouche, product manager, Matrox Imaging

Elite 3D reproduction fidelity with Matrox AltiZ dual-camera profile sensors

Armin Jehle, senior business development and key account manager, Automation Technology

Sensor sensation MCS: How AT revolutionises the 3D industry with its modular 3D compact sensor

Marc Damhaut, CEO, Euresys

Open eVision Easy 3D

Svorad Stolc, head of R&D, Photoneo

MotionCam-3D: The next chapter in 3D vision

Electronics quality checks made using laser triangulation. Credit: Sick

28 September 2021