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14 February 2023

A new automated approach is helping engineers in vision technology and forensics to identify rare traces, which can be essential in solving a crime

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16 January 2023

Deep learning has helped to make great strides in machine vision technology, but there are additional data-centric tools that can help new applications come to life. Find out more...

Unispectral’s solutions allow for a smaller, lower-cost system that can be used in any application for which hyperspectral imaging is desired. Credit: Unispectral

14 November 2022

Reducing the cost and size of hyperspectral cameras is opening up many more applications, as Keely Portway finds out

aku.automation used the C6 sensor to devise an application to reliably
check the coplanarity of connector pins in the automotive industry (credit: AT)

6 October 2022

From cakes to cars, how the latest developments in 3D sensing are opening up a world of application possibilities where speed is of the essence

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5 October 2022

Integrators are faced with a fast-moving picture when it comes to choosing the correct interface for their vision system, finds Tim Gillett