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Lights-out logistics

Could computer vision be the key to fully autonomous warehouses? Benjamin Skuse investigates

Halcon 22.05 and Automate exhibition

MVTec Software's new version (22.05) of its Halcon software, to be released on 25 May, will feature Global Context Anomaly Detection, an expansion of anomaly detection based on deep learning

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Zebra acquires Matrox Imaging for $875m

The addition of Matrox Imaging will expand Zebra’s portfolio of vision products after it bought Adaptive Vision and introduced a line of machine vision systems last year

Merlic 5.1

MVTec Software will launch version 5.1 of its Merlic machine vision software on 7 April. An enhanced feature set is now available that provides even better usability

Halcon 21.11

New developments in Halcon 21.11 include the addition of instance segmentation to the available deep learning technologies, an improved barcode reader, as well as greater usability for dictionaries and Generic Shape Matching


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