Automation UK gathers momentum

Co-located with established industrial vision conference, MVC, Automation UK will highlight the latest industrial products and services, robots, robotic systems, systems integration, automation control parts and systems, sensors and machine safety

Eyeonic FMCW lidar vision system

SiLC Technologies has launched the Eyeonic Vision System, an FMCW lidar solution with polarisation information. The device is targeted at robotics, autonomous vehicles and smart cameras

The system assesses the radioactivity and physical characteristics of nuclear waste, and then sorts and segregates it into appropriate containers (Image: Cyan Tec)

Autonomous nuclear waste sorting enabled via 2D & 3D vision

The advanced solution will help increase recycling rates and reduce the number of waste containers sent for disposal

Zivid Two L100 3D camera

Zivid has introduced the Zivid Two L100 3D camera for bin picking, developed to tackle the larger, deeper bins typically seen in the manufacturing industry


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