Industry 4.0

Industrial camera interface guide

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Struggling to find the right interface for your project?

There are many types of cables and connectors used with today’s industrial cameras. This white paper arms you with all the tools you need to help as it explores and provides an understanding of the available interfaces within the industrial and scientific area scan camera market.

AI and Smart Automation Conference

The one-day AI and Smart Automation Conference will feature discussions on data strategy, advances in AI robotics and machine vision, and AI-powered optimisation and prediction.

Credit: Arm

Arm releases ISP for IoT vision

The Mali-C55 image signal processor is ideal for markets such as security and surveillance, but Arm said it does also see interest from the industrial sector

Image: Basler

Basler first vision firm to join 5G Alliance

Basler's René von Fintel said: ‘We are convinced that 5G will be an important building block in the further development of Industry 4.0 communication and IoT or IIoT connectivity.'

Intergro Technologies has several patents in machine vision. Credit: Intergro Technologies

Building towards Industry 4.0

Keely Portway finds out how vision systems can be more tightly integrated within factory machinery


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