Graduate assistant Chaitanya Kumar Reddy Pallerla investigates the use of hyperspectral imaging to detect a defect in chicken meat. (Image: University of Arkansas)

Hyperspectral imaging hunts for defects in chicken breasts

Scientists are developing technology for detecting "woody breast" defects on high-speed conveyor belts

Hyperspectral imaging in the SWIR wavelength can be deployed aerially for crop health monitoring and providing humanitarian aid. (Image: Shutterstock/aappp)

Vision firm developing hyperspectral SWIR tech for unmanned defence systems

Princeton Infrared Technologies will investigate the potential of SWIR-based hyperspectral imaging to fill gaps in the capabilities of the US Department of the Air Force

The satellites have been used to image regions such as the Dubai Palm Islands and the Kirshna River Delta in India.

Space startup reveals first hyperspectral images from satellites

The satellites will be used to examine features such as soil types, mountain ranges, bare lands, reservoirs, agricultural farms, delta regions and urban settlements

Compact hyperspectral imaging cameras have huge potential once integrated into stringent clinical workflows, writes Imec’s Wouter Charle

Hyperspectral imaging: microsurgery’s next big thing

Imec’s Wouter Charle on how compact hyperspectral imaging cameras have huge potential once integrated into stringent clinical workflows

OSK claims itself to be the first US-based commercial company to launch a fleet of persistent space-based satellite platforms equipped with best-in-class hyperspectral sensors (Image: Nvidia)

Satellites to monitor gas pipelines for leaks using hyperspectral imaging

The technology will help the oil & gas industry meet its compliance and regulatory obligations, as well as help transition towards more sustainable operations


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