One of SweGreen's eight vertical farm units that it operates across Sweden. Credit: SweGreen

Spectral growth inside vertical farms

Automation, lighting regimes, and hyperspectral imaging are unlocking vertical farming’s full potential, finds Benjamin Skuse

Setup of combined hyperspectral and fundus camera at Peter Stalmans’ lab at KU Leuven. Credit: Imec/KU Leuven

Spectral cameras offer window into Alzheimer’s

Investigations are underway into using hyperspectral imaging to screen for a host of medical conditions, as Abigail Williams finds out

Image: Martial Red/shutterstock.com

Headwall buys software and optics firms

Headwall has acquired spectral software provider, PerClass, along with US optics company Holographix, both to enhance its hyperspectral imaging business


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