3D Vision

Image: shutterstock.com/PP77LSK

The charge for battery business

David Stuart asks where the opportunities lie for vision firms selling into electric vehicle battery production

Face expression reading based on MLP classification from 3D depth maps and 2D images obtained by NIR-LFC. Credit: KAIST

Light-field camera plus VCSEL spots smile from frown

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have optimised 3D light-field image reconstruction of faces using a VCSEL light source

The HD-1500 from Omron can handle payloads of up to 1,500kg, making it possible to automate tasks that would normally need a forklift truck. Credit: Omron

Sensor fusion gets robots roving around factories

Susan Curtis explores the burgeoning world of autonomous mobile robots

One of the early 3D deflectometry scanners used security cameras, but still produced a high-quality 3D surface profile. Credit: Isak du Preez/Axiscan

Rethinking 3D scans of reflective surfaces

Greg Blackman talks to Isak du Preez, who’s new approach to 3D deflectometry has attracted interest from BMW and other car makers


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