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Lasers for Machine Vision and Inspection

Alrad Imaging

ALRAD IMAGING is one of Great Britain's foremost vision distributors for Machine Vision, Industrial Inspection, Scientific, Research and Microscopy applications. We sell a very wide range of CCD and CMOS cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, imaging software, lighting solutions for imaging applications and a whole range of Machine Vision accessories.


Osela is a specialized manufacturer of lasers for 3D machine vision applications. The STREAMLINE, ILS and COMPACT industrial laser platforms are available from 1mW to 3W in violet, blue, green, red or IR, from the single line, multiple lines, dot matrix, and custom patterns including our new Random Pattern Projector.


Artificial intelligence seems to be sweeping the world and neural networks are now starting to find their way into the industrial imaging market. Greg Blackman investigates 


Wilhelm Stemmer, who has recently retired and sold his shares in Stemmer Imaging, the company he founded 30 years ago


Matthew Dale explores how 3D cameras are granting robots the gift of sight


Rob Ashwell finds that logistics, healthcare and research are turning to consumer imaging systems for their needs