19 November 2012

Commercial machine vision software is currently classified along two lines: the conventional vision library and the vision-specific integrated development environment (IDE). Determining which software is right for your vision project depends upon a variety of factors: ease-of-use, productivity, flexibility, performance, completeness, and maintenance. This white paper uses these factors to contrast the two software development approaches and clearly establish the merits and drawbacks of each. The discussion assumes that the vision tools available in both types of software are similar—if not identical—and does not explore possible discrepancies with these tools. Also, the discussion ignores the hardware platform that the vision applications run on as to not bias one over the other.

29 May 2012

In an effort to stay ahead of the ever increasing demands of managing and controlling the world’s vast network of roads, the vehicles that use them, and the people that rely on them, transportation systems specialist are turning to computer vision for help. There are numerous software and hardware considerations that need to be considered when deploying a vision system for transportation applications. This Teledyne Dalsa white paper will focus on camera selection and matching camera requirements to various transportation computer vision applications.

15 March 2012

There are several ways to give recommendations for optics and lens selection. This paper will discuss these guidelines and assist you when deciding which lens is appropriate for your application. It will discuss basic information on lens mounts, image sizes, magnification, focal length, f-number, and spectral ranges

05 March 2012

The choice of a camera interface is of equal interest to both users and manufacturers of digital industrial cameras. An interface that excels in all applications and outshines all others has not yet been found. But more clearly than ever before, trends can be recognised and a possible future scenario can be discerned.

01 February 2012

The emergence of the CoaXPress (CXP) standard gives developers of imaging and vision applications a new camera interface with which to work. Determining if the standard is the right choice for your next project requires careful consideration of both CXP’s features and your application requirements. This white paper introduces you to CoaXPress, compares it to established standards like Camera Link and GigE Vision, describes the applications for which it is best suited, and discusses how this standard may likely evolve.