18 July 2014

Automatic inspection by machine vision is leading to the dawn of the “smart factory”, eliminating errors resulting from manual operations, as well as improving quality consistency, increasing productivity, reducing production costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The result can be a distinct competitive advantage. Faced with limited floor space and budgeting for installation, operators are showing increased interest in small, compact, integrated, easily installed vision systems. Annual sales for such systems have grown at 30% in recent years.

11 July 2014

Tips to maximize the performance of your Imaging System

28 April 2014

CORSIGHT, the smart vision system developed by the technology company NET GmbH, is an all-round control system: the decentralised, digital image processing system is able to optimise production and logistics
processes, monitor traffic flow, increase the safety of both machines and tunnels, and even control access to multi-storey car parks and toll roads. It combines the features of a camera, a computer and an image processing system in a compact housing and is, as such, predestined for flexible use in the smallest of spaces.

26 March 2014

The successful, cost-effective application of a machine vision system is often dependent on the interplay of many individual elements, including machine vision lighting. This technical guide outlines the particular benefits of utlising LED light controllers within such systems, it describes the principle of this technology and illustrates its use within practical applications.

21 November 2013

Noise is an important topic for all machine vision applications, especially if the requirements on image quality and speed are high
and light levels are low. Changing parameters usually leads to an
increase in noise. Bucking this trend, a novel dual-linescan architecture provides a way to preserve higher signal-to-noise ratio.