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06 January 2022

Join us as we investigate neuromorphic sensing, otherwise known as event-based imaging. Speakers are Prophesee's Luca Verre and Josh Gibson at Cambridge Consultants

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28 October 2021

This webinar looked at advances in infrared imaging, including colloidal quantum dot SWIR cameras, smart thermal cameras, and specifying optics for infrared

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13 October 2021

A rapid tour through some of the fastest imaging equipment and technology out there, with speakers from Optronis, Euresys, Scorpion Vision, and Gpixel

Credit: Imago Technologies

15 September 2021

From high-speed applications to tracking, vibration analysis and counting applications: event-based vision opens up new possibilities in numerous machine vision fields

31 August 2021

Photometric stereo uses 3D surface orientation and its effect on reflected light to produce a contrast image accentuating local 3D surface variations, making complex inspections cheaper and more effective