Press Releases

Pinnacle Imaging Systems will offer its Denali 3.0 HDR ISP along with a new HDR sensor module for the Xilinx Kria K26 SOM and KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit

Effilux has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems

Laser Components has expanded its range of DOE pattern generators for its Flexpoint laser modules, offering more than twenty new options

Sick is launching its first vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning app onboard to make it simple to create custom quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies

With the introduction of a new series of high-speed cameras starting with a 2-megapixel 10GigE GenICam model, Mikrotron is now enabling engineers to embed their own custom IP into an integrated Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA

Micro-Epsilon has introduced a range of 3D snapshot measurement sensors that are suitable for automated, inline measurement of geometry, shape and surface quality of objects

MVTec Software will publish a new release of its Halcon standard machine vision software (version 21.05) on 21 May

Cognex has introduced the In-Sight 3D-L4000 vision system for 3D inspection

The new Exo990, Exo991 and Fxo990 cameras from SVS-Vistek cover an extremely wide wavelength range from the visible to the SWIR range

Resolve Optics reports on its development of a radiation-resistant fixed focus lens for Ahlberg Cameras to enable high-definition nuclear inspection in hard-to-reach areas

Framos now provides sensor-specific ISP tuning for the Nvidia Jetson platform to maximise image quality using a new in-house lab

MusashiAI ,the Israeli-Japanese Industry 4.0 joint venture, announces the spin-out of 634AI, a company focused on developing an RTLS-driven central control tower for streamlining management of any mobile task on an industrial floor