Press Releases

LBP Optics alongside sister company ULO Optics have supplied a set of zinc selenide lenses for a new measurement method for 3D shape acquisition

Micro-Epsilon has extended its ThermoImager TIM series of shortwave thermal imaging cameras with a new version that is suitable for almost all near infrared and CO2-based laser processing applications

Framos has expanded its D400e depth camera series with the D455e variant. With a 95 mm baseline, the camera gives high depth accuracy at large working distances

NorPix has launched a biomedical version of its StreamPix software that enables scientists to track movement of laboratory rodents

Matrix Vision and Roboception have entered into a long-term partnership in order to provide user-friendly products for the 3D machine vision market and in particular for robot users

The summit will take place on 6 July and will include lectures and discussion panels held by experts

The cx4090HS is the first sensor module of the new C6 series from AT - Automation Technology. It has a sensor speed of up to 26 kHz, a resolution rate of 4,096 measuring points per profile

Andanta's low-resolution InGaAs matrix sensor FPA64x64-C announced in autumn 2020 has now been launched on the marke

Dutch-made robots of the Delft-based tech company Prime Vision ran a successful proof-of-concept for a major logistics player in the North American market

Schneider-Kreuznach introduces the robust Xenon-Jade lens family for 1.2-inch sensors

Cincoze announced the first 10th generation Intel Xeon/Core industrial computer, the DS-1300

Evatronix launches EviXscan 3D Optima+ M scanner which is distinguished by high accuracy and speed