Press Releases

Become an EMVA 1288 expert: user level for base knowledge about the standard and expert level to perform own EMVA 1288 measurements

The new EyeCheck smart camera now contains a motorised lens

Teledyne Dalsa has released its Xtium2-CLHS PX8 LC, the latest member of the Xtium2-CLHS PX8 series for the PCIe Gen3 platform

Gidel has released a the Proc10A cXp12 and HawkEye_cXp12 frame grabbers, based on Arria 10 FPGAs and supporting eight PoCXP12 links to provide up to 100Gb/s throughput

Gidel, a provider of imaging solutions based on FPGAs, has announced an addition to its robust developer’s kit, CertifEye, which provides an FPGA development, debug, and validation solution

The Imaging Source has announced two polarisation cameras featuring Sony’s Polarsens 5.1 megapixel global-shutter CMOS image sensors

The Italian company Nireos, a spin-off from Politecnico di Milano University, has introduced a novel hyperspectral camera called Hera

New uEye ACP cameras from IDS enable individual solutions based on a modular principle

Kithara Software has announced the implementation of the machine learning software library Dlib into the Kithara real-time system

Flir Systems has launched the Firefly DL, a deep learning, inference-enabled machine vision camera with Flir Neuro technology

At the Fall 2019 International Vision Standards Meeting in Stresa, Italy meetings took place from the standard working groups of Camera Link, Camera Link HS, CoaXPress, EmVision, GenICam, OOCI, and OPC-UA Vision

Cubert’s new Ultris camera was developed based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS sensor with 20 megapixel, which makes Ultris the imaging spectrometer with the worldwide highest resolution