Press Releases

The UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition, which takes place in Milton Keynes, UK on 6 June, will open at 10am with a keynote address by Minh-Tri Pham from Winnow. His talk is entitled: ‘Sustainability in the food industry: AI Vision tools reduce food waste at Ikea’

The autonomous vehicle technology event, AutoSens, has launched in Hong Kong, beginning November 2020

MVTec Software's Dr Wolfgang Eckstein has announced he will retire from his position as managing director to concentrate more on his responsibilities as a co-owner

Stemmer Imaging has started to trade in the Prime Standard of Frankfurt stock exchange

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions has released a software development kit for camera modules based on Pregius IMX250MZR polarised image sensors

BitFlow has extended support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems and application platforms on all of its CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers

Lucid Vision Labs has released on-camera polarisation processing and software visualisation tools to enhance polarised imaging applications

Silicon Software has launched with runtime 5.7 the configuration software MicroDisplay X for setting up image processing solutions with all Silicon Software frame grabbers

Laser Components now offers a digital laser driver for driving and monitoring selected Flexpoint laser modules

Laird Thermal Systems has expanded its Peltier thermoelectric module product family with the HiTemp ET series, designed to protect critical electronic devices like CMOS sensors in high temperature applications

Imago has released the VisionBox Daytona with a built-in modem. Even large amounts of images can be transferred by 4G or soon even 5G transmission power

Nikon Metrology will now distribute Pixelink cameras as stand-alone solutions or integrated with Nikon NIS-Elements Microscope Imaging Software