Press Releases

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OC0SA, the latest member of its family of Camera Cube Chip wafer-level camera modules for medical applications

The 2020 UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will take place on 14 May 2020 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, UK

New Imaging Technologies has released a split version of its WiDy SenS flagship camera: WiDy SenS 640 OEM

On 1 November, Fredrik Wikfeldt took over as CEO of Laser Components Nordic

BitRefine group has released deep learning technology to collect road traffic statistics from CCTV images

As part of a joint project, members of the VDMA OPC Machine Vision Initiative together with the OPC UA Foundation, have developed a hardware demonstrator

Silicon Software has released version 3.2 of its VisualApplets graphical development environment

Polar I is developing a capture technology that is capable of detecting defects down to 40µm using multiple states of polarisation

Teledyne e2v has released its Bora time-of-flight CMOS image sensor

Effilux has introduced a hyperspectral lighting range created from a single LED developed by CCS. It offers a tuneable continuous spectrum from 400nm to 900nm

JAI has launched a new generation of prism cameras in its Fusion series of multi-spectral imaging solutions

Micron Technology has released a high-capacity industrial microSD card - Micron i300 1TB3 microSDXC UHS-I - to address the edge storage needs of the video surveillance market and other industrial applications