Press Releases

The Scorpion 3D Modeller from Scorpion Vision Software has been launched, which uses grey coding and phase shift (GCPS) techniques and is available as an option to Scorpion Vision software 6.0.

Resolve Optics has designed and developed a 4-40mm HD motorised zoom lens, which provides users with true high definition imaging throughout its range of operation.

Moritex Machine Micro Lens (MMLs) offer a high resolving power throughout their field of view deliver and good performance in high definition inspection and alignment applications.

Applied Vision has launched a technology for its Genius inspection system that minimises reflection on the lower sidewall of three-piece cans with easy open or converted ends.

The DVS-1600 high-integration OEM interface controller from Digital View is designed to address a broad range of TFT LCD monitor applications, providing a wide range of inputs, features and LCD panel support to address market needs.

A new series of surface mount infrared reflective sensors produced by TT Optek and distributed by Pacer offers an extremely fast response time and high sensitivity.

Multipix Imaging has introduced the new Basler Pioneer 5-Megapixel GigE Vision camera, based on Sony's new ICX625 CCD sensor, which features a resolution of 2456 x 2048 pixels at 12fps.

The Runner series features seven models with up to 2k pixels in monochrome or colour, 1024 or 2098 pixels and a range of line rates up to 59kHz.

This new thermal imaging module is for researchers and integrators looking to develop and build their own long range surveillance system

VisionScope Technologies in the UK is distributing the latest endoscope from Richard Wold - the Vipaq TVP-5.

Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division has introduced two additions to its XCL-5000 family of high-resolution industry-standard Camera Link camera modules - the XCL-5005 and XCL-5005CR.

The new additions to the XCI series of intelligent cameras from Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division will offer a more powerful 1GHz processor with MMX and SSE support.