Press Releases

Videology Imaging Solutions has released a board camera that incorporates such features as 4K resolution

LMI Technologies has been certified for integration with Universal Robots

Vision Research has introduced the Phantom S210 and S200, 16Gb/s machine vision cameras

MVTec Software has appointed Sonja Schick as Merlic product manager and Martin Krumey as MVTec's vice president sales

PCO has released the Pco.dicam C1 and Pco.dicam C4 cameras, built with image intensifiers and suitable for applications with extreme low light conditions

The Carrida software engine from Vision Components for automatic number plate recognition has been augmented by a make and model identification function featuring deep learning algorithms

Thomas Feichtner has been appointed as the director of sales DACH at OPT

The 2019 UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will take place on 6 June at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes

Omron has released the FHV7-series smart camera combined with illumination and image processing functionality for advanced vision inspections

Silicon Software has certified Concurrent EDA as a new development partner for the North American market for its graphical FPGA programming software VisualApplets

Pinnacle Imaging Systems has announced a lower cost HDR video surveillance solution capable of capturing high contrast scenes (120dB) with 1080p and 30fps output

Baumer has introduced LX series cameras with 10 GigE, which includes control of autofocus liquid lenses