Press Releases

Fujifilm has updated its DF/HF-HA-1B series lenses to versions equipped with Fujinon Anti-shock and Vibration technology

Photoneo has announced that Adaptive Vision’s software now supports PhoXi 3D scanners. The company has also released its Locator software tool and 3D Localization SDK 1.2.2

Addressing the technological needs for next generation industrial and service robots, Rubedos today introduced its new 3D visual perception system Viper

Flir announces a Q1 2019 availability date for its upcoming Blackfly S camera model. It has also released three Neutrino midwave infrared camera cores

With the establishment of OPT Machine Vision GmbH, based in Berlin, the Chinese Machine Vision specialist OPT is strengthening its position

The Corning Varioptic product line of industrial lenses is expanding with the introduction of the A-16F lens series

JAI has announced a series of new camera models and software integrations which provide advanced colour imaging capabilities to builders and users of microscopy-based imaging systems

Vision Components has integrated a new Sony Pregius image sensor into VC Z series cameras

Delta Optical Thin Film has signed a distribution contract with UK-based company Photon Lines based in Oxon

The Ensenso XR stereo camera from IDS can calculate 3D point clouds itself

Teledyne Dalsa will participate in Nasa’s InSight Mission to Mars by providing colour CCD image sensors

Isra Vision develops the Screenscan Reflected Distortion system