Products and Press Releases

StockerYale's Lasiris laser line generators are able to project from three to 99 parallel lines with a high degree of uniformity across the lines.

As part of Processing Pack 3, the latest update to the current MIL 8.0 release from Matrox Imaging the Metrology module tool measures and constructs geometric features.

The NIR-300 camera from VDS Vosskuehler provides a greater NIR spectrum than previous models, covering wavelengths from 0.9 to 1.7um.

Vision Components' new VisiCube camera, which measures only 65 x 45 x 45mm and weighs 170g, provides a highly compact image processing solution for industrial environments.

Vision Components has released the new VC4472 Smart Camera, suitable for highly demanding applications. The camera has a 1,600 x 1,200 pixel resolution and a maximum frame rate of 10fps.

Cedip Infrared Systems has provided new components for its Silver IR cameras with long-life batteries and integrated screen options.

IDS is now providing a comprehensive Linux-compatible software package for its uEye camera series. The package includes a software development kit (SDK).

The svs16000 from SVS-Vistek is the first 16-Megapixel camera in its product line. This progressive-scan camera with a resolution of 4904 x 3380 pixels uses an Interline-Transfer-CCD from Kodak.

The XR-4 scientific and medical X-Ray camera from Dalsa is intended for use in the biomedical, specimen, mammography and computed tomography (CT scanning) fields.

PixeLINK has added USB 2.0 interfaces as an option for its machine vision and microscopy cameras, saving customers the trouble of installing a FireWire interface in their PC.

VDS Vosskuhler has extended its line of rapid 2D/3D line profile sensors with the ZPS-1000. The sensor provides 1000 profiles per second at resolutions of 256, 500 and 1024 pixels per line.

IDS has expanded its software support to allow users of LabView and the LabView Vision Development Module from National Instruments to quickly implement image processing applications using the uEye camera series.