Products and Press Releases

PixeLink has introduced a Gigabit Ethernet interface to its line of CCD and CMOS industrial digital cameras. The increased bandwidth of 1000Mbps will allow the transfer of large uncompressed images in real time.

The multilinear Eliixa camera contains 4,096 pixels with a row spacing of just two pixels (centre to centre). It produces images at a line rate of 18KHz with enhanced blue response.

The new expanded range of Lightscope video endoscopes from Moritex provides convenient micro-inspection in inaccessible spaces.

Eastman Kodak has introduced the KAI-04022 image sensor - a low-noise four-Megapixel interline transfer CCD that is optimised for low-light imaging.

Cedip Infrared Systems has introduced the VILGA - an advanced video tracking and image processing package for applications including maritime and aerial surveillance, missile evaluation and trajectory measurements.

The Adamant IR camera from Cedip Infrared Systems is a compact and powerful thermal surveillance system designed for a wide range of demanding applications.

Dalsa has released four new colour models of the Genie camera. The area scan cameras feature a Sony CCD colour sensor with resolutions ranging from VGA to 1400.

Cognex has released the MVS-8600e family of frame grabbers that connect Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface.

Edmund Optics has released the VZM 100i video zoom microscope. The VZM series are parafocal zoom lens systems for video cameras.

NorPix has introduced StreamPix4-8x100, a turnkey system providing simultaneous, synchronised image capture from eight cameras to a single computer using a GigE Vision interface.

Andor Technology has launched its new iCam technology, a combined firmware and software innovation that will be incorporated into Andor's EMCCD imaging cameras, starting with the iXonEM and LucaEM product lines.

Matrox Imaging has released the Matrox Morphis DVR-16, a scalable video capture card with real-time multi-channel compression specifically designed for digital video recorders (DVRs).