Products and Press Releases

The lens enables a nuclear fuel assembly to be viewed 13m away from the lens and through 10m of water

The firm will also be providing live demos of its C-Red 2 Lite system at Booth 349

Allied Vision has integrated Sony’s 4th generation 5.1 Megapixel IMX548 global shutter sensor, with Pregius S Sensor Technology, into its Alvium camera portfolio

With the Framegrabber SDK 5.10 release Basler provides a unified support for all Basler frame grabbers

The highlight will be the FPGA-based hardware accelerator VC Power SoM, which completes complex image processing calculations and transfers the results directly to a processor board

The 25GigE Hermes PH-25-QUAD and 10GigE Theia PT-10-QUAD network interface cards enable customers to get the most out of their ultra-high-speed cameras for a wide range of applications

AMD's adaptive computing technology is powering mobility supplier Denso Corporation’s next-generation lidar platform

Variscite has announced a new, state-of-the-art SoM for energy-efficient machine learning edge devices

Encord Active enables machine learning engineers and data scientists to understand and improve their training data quality and help boost model performance

The camera opens a world of industrial applications with greater precision in fruit inspection and sorting, packaging, IR microscopy, semiconductor inspection, material sorting and more

The camera achieves a resolution of 8.1MP and offers global shutter, progressive scan technology to enables real time, lag-free images at 15Hz full-frame

BitFlow predicts the developments that will help shape machine vision in 2023