Products and Press Releases

Eastman Kodak Company has released the Kodak KAI-16000 Image Sensor, a high-resolution interline transfer CCD image sensor. It is a 35mm optical format 16-Megapixel CCD targeted at the industrial, scientific, aerial, and security markets.

The Grablink Quickpack CFA (Colour Filter Array) is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area scan colour inspection.

IDS has made two new additions to its uEye camera family: the high-accuracy 5-Megapixel UI-1480-C, and the cost-effective uEye LE, suitable for microscopy and medical applications.

XenICs has introduced two new digital, NIR, software-configurable cameras - XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 and Cheetah, based on a thermoelectrically stabilised sensor array in a compact housing.

Nikon's new NIS - Elements V2.3 is set to speed up image acquisition with enhanced, user-friendly software for bioresearch and industrial professionals.

Vision Components has introduced a range of intelligent single board cameras for industrial applications, specially designed for OEM customers.

The new 'contact plane' housing variant for Basler's eXcite intelligent camera family is designed to maximise heat dissipation via direct metal contact.

Edmund Optics now offers a new line of TML-HP (High Power) Telecentric Measuring Lenses that eliminates perspective errors that yield variations in magnifications through the depth of field.

Nikon has added its DS-Fi1 digital camera head and DS-L2 and DS-U2 control units to its popular Digital Sight Series.

SVS-Vistek has introduced its camera family SVCam-GigE, designed according to the new international GigE Vision standard. The cameras are available from VGA, XVGA, one, two, four up to 11 Megapixel resolution.

Point Grey Research has unveiled the Bumblebee2 stereovision camera system. The new Bumblebee2 implements next-generation technology enabling faster acquisition times and improved 3D data quality.

JAI Pulnix has added a new member to its growing line of Gigabit Ethernet cameras. The TM-1327GE features a 2/3-inch image sensor and the ability to capture 30fps at a full 1.4-Megapixel resolution.