Press Releases

Vision Components has released a colour sensor version of its intelligent high-performance camera VC4465. The smart camera's key component is a 1GHz processor from Texas Instruments with a computing power of 8,000 MIPS.

Syngene has introduced the new version of the G:BOX Chemi XT16 automated chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging and analysis system.

VRmagic's cameras feature an internal 64Mb buffer that prevents loss of image data and optimises the use of bandwidth when operating multiple USB components.

The new HR65D-VI series of Machine Micro Lenses (MMLs) from Moritex has been designed for high-resolution discrete part inspection in semiconductor manufacturing operations.

The uEye Camera Manager from IDS Imaging Development Systems eases plug-and-play setup for Ethernet cameras.

Docter Optics has introduced the Stilar 2.8/8, a super-wide-angle C-mount lens designed especially for use with 1.2-inch sensors and the Auto-Tessar series provides reflection-free images from 1.2-, 1/2-, and 1/3-inch sensors.

Vision Components has introduced the new VC4067 EXview smart camera, which is based on a Sony EXview HAD CCD sensor and is suitable for applications that require high light sensitivity.

Firstsight Vision is now shipping the latest release of Common Vision Blox (CVB), the versatile hardware-independent imaging toolkit from Stemmer Imaging.

The PLN2xCY, PLN4xCY and PLN20xCY objectives feature built-in neutral-density (ND) filters, enabling quick changes in magnification without the need to adjust light intensity.

The FireSync toolkit from LMI Technologies includes hardware and software to quickly build complex vision systems, providing high performance, multi-channel video processing and precise microsecond time synchronisation.

The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA) has released the EASY (Embedded Application SYstem), an industrial computer and machine vision platform.

The OmniView system from Cognex uses four cameras to obtain a seamless view of all the features on cylindrical surfaces.