Press Releases

InnerEye technology addresses challenges in development, training, and personalisation of AI models, specifically for computer vision

Researchers at Flanders Make, a manufacturing science centre in Lommel, Belgium, deployed the Mikrotron EoSens 3CL three-megapixel camera to gain a better understanding of melt-pool behaviour and stability during additive manufacturing

Thine Solutions has introduced the Theia-Cam family of camera reference design kits. The first kit is the THSCU101, a 13-megapixel phase-detection auto-focus USB video class camera reference design kit

Teledyne Imaging launches the Linea Lite family of line scan cameras built for a wide range of machine vision applications

IDS aims to create long-term value while harmonising ecological, social and economic aspects with a responsible and holistic sustainability strategy

Advanced Micro Peripherals has released the XStream-SD4, a low latency H.264 video streamer for industrial applications

Resolve Optics has received major orders for instrument-optimised versions of its shortwave infrared lens for inspection and material sorting applications

The anniversary will be marked by a webinar series and a hackathon under the motto: ‘There must be a better way to do this'

Framos announces first integration of SLVS-EC – Sony’s next-gen data interface – natively on the Nvidia Jetson platform

Automation Technology has launched the IRSX Simulator, a software tool to simulate the IRSX smart infrared camera

Sick has unveiled the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed for high-speed 3D imaging

High-speed Cyton CXP-4 transmits data of 13 subsurface images at various depths captured at 720 frames per second and 2116 DPI with no latency